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Solutions for LCD Monitors and Flat Panel Displays

LCD Monitor

The ChromaCastTM LCD Panel Controller series 82C205 chip incorporates superior scaler technology at low cost, providing SXGA display using only an XGA LCD panel. ChromaCast technology offers:

  • Sharp scale up and scale down to XGA of resolutions up to SXGA
  • Bilinear interpolation on scale-up, multi-tap decimation on scale-down
  • Input from TV decoder, A/D converter, PanelLink
  • Exceptional TV mode scale-up (no flicker!)
  • Integrated On-Screen Display with multi-lingual display capability
The advanced ChromaCast solution is only way to offer an SXGA monitor at XGA prices. ChromaCast 205 costs under $6 in large volume purchases.

System Interfaces

Digital data interface (up to 24 bits); 8051-compatible controller interface (8 bits); SDRAM memory controller interface (64 bits); LCD panel interface (36 bits).

Panel Support

TFT Panel support includes single and multiple pixels per clock, panel resolution ranging from 640x480 through 1280x1024, and panel refresh rate up to 90 Hz. Supports the VESA Flat Panel Display Interface standard (FPDI-1).

Incoming Video Support

Incoming video supports dynamic scaling for full-screen display, 15-70 kHz horizontal scan frequencies, and 40-85 Hz vertical refresh frequencies. Incoming video resolution ranges from 640x480 through 1280x1024.

ChromaCast 82C205 Documentation

File Name Date Size Description
db024_10.pdf 10/29/98 460KB ChromaCast 82C205 Databook
cg196_10.pdf 11/03/99 1150KB ChromaCast 82C205 Demo Board Configuration Guide
pg084_10.pdf 11/22/99 466KB ChromaCast 82C205 Programmers Guide
sch0194r02.pdf 11/04/99 183KB ChromaCast 82C205 Reference Design Schematics
bom0194r02.pdf 11/04/99 13KB ChromaCast 82C205 Reference Design Bill of Materials

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