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FireBridge II

The OPTi Technologies FireBridge II chip offers a low-cost PCI bridging solution that is ideal for:

  • PCI expansion
  • Multi-function PCI cards
  • Hot plug PCI
  • Notebook docking applications
  • Cascade bridging

With its integrated FIFOs, the FireBridge II chip provides a truly high-performance PCI-PCI bridging solution with distinct and independent primary and secondary bus operation. This separation allows the buses to run at different voltages and even different frequencies. Moreover, it allows attachment of devices to the secondary bus while the host system is operational, an ideal "hot plug" solution.

The FireBridge II solution additionally provides the capability of graceful recovery from failed attachment or malfunctioning peripheral devices, avoiding system crashes.

Features include:

  • 32 bits - 33Mhz Primary bus
  • 33MHz or 16MHz Secondary bus operation
  • Driver support under Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000
  • Linux support in embedded applications
  • Small form factor 144-pin LQFP packaging

Best of all, the FireBridge II chip costs significantly less than competitive PCI-PCI bridge solutions - now under $6 in OEM quantities.

File Name Date Size Description
fireb_10.pdf 1/8/98 266KB 82C814 Docking Station Controller Data Book
pa061_00.pdf 4/17/01 10KB Product Alert - Deadlock Prevention
pa062_00.pdf 4/17/01 10KB Product Alert - Software Update
firebridge.pdf 3/21/98 52KB Low-cost Docking Station Controller Product Brief
carddock.zip 12/15/99 215KB 82C814 Reference Design for CardBus-based docking solution
814card.dsn 5/5/99 180KB 82C814 4-slot PCI-PCI Bridge Card

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