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New Directions

OPTi Technologies did extremely well in the USB host controller market. While other companies concentrated on integrating the USB host controller into their core logic, OPTi Technologies realized that there would be significant demand for standalone USB host controller chips. This external solution was adequate when paired with OPTi Technologies core logic, and it allowed flexibility in that systems could be upgraded with additional controllers for increased USB bandwidth. For example, this approach enabled the design-in of OPTi Technologies USB host controllers in the hugely successful Apple iMacTM. Because of its success in this market, OPTi Technologies would go on to develop peripheral host controller solutions for IEEE1394 (supporting the advanced FireWireTM and i.LinkTM interfaces) as well.

OPTi Technologies Today and into the Future

Based in San Jose, California, OPTi Technologies employs a world class management and engineering team. Its sales force is based at its Silicon Valley headquarters. OPTi Technologies has a network of U.S. and overseas component sales representative firms.

OPTi Technologies currently concentrates its product marketing efforts on its Bridge Technologies Products, which include the FireLinkTM USB host controller solutions and the FireBridgeTM PCI-PCI bridge solution. New research and development effort is going into the Bridge Technologies area, and deals specifically with new applications for its USB controller technology.

Bridge Technology Products

  • OPTi Technologies FireLink USB (82C861) PCI-to-USB Bridge.
    The 82C861 controller is a PCI to Universal Serial Bus bridge solution. It implements the Open HCI standard developed by Compaq to provide up to 20% greater performance than competing standards. Incorporating two USB ports, its bus runs at 12Mb/s to power USB devices from mice to printers to cameras. Its compact 100-pin design offers an extremely low cost OPTi Technologies on for adding USB ports to systems lacking enough connections. In production from 1Q98.
  • OPTi Technologies FireBridge II (82C814) PCI-to-PCI Bridge.
    The 82C814 controller provides an inexpensive way to bridge one PCI bus to another, allowing "hot" attach for docking applications, or "cascade" bridging for embedded applications. This chip also provides a means of connecting a 5V PCI bus with a 3.3V PCI bus if desired. In production from 1Q99.

Systems Logic Products

  • OPTi Technologies FireStar Plus (82C700) - 64-Bit Single Chip Embedded Solution.
    The 82C700 single chip solution is used in embedded applications with the Intel Pentium or AMD K6-2 processor. Features full Microsoft ACPI universal power management support. 432-ball BGA. In production from 1996.
  • OPTi Technologies 82C465MVB 32 Bit 486/586 Single Chip Embedded Solution.
    The 82C465MVB chipset supports embedded 32-bit 486 and 5x86 architectures. It implements AT-compatible core logic with power management. 208-pin PQFP. In production from 1995.
  • OPTi Technologies 82C602A Companion Chip.
    The 82C602A chip implements an RTC and support TTL to augment the FireStar and 82C465MVB chips. 100-pin LQFP. In production from 1994.

Graphics Product

  • OPTi Technologies ChromaCast 82C205 Digital Solution for LCD Flat Panel Monitors.
    The 82C205 controller derives from the 82C200 part but leaves out the phase-locked loop and the analog-to-digital converter circuits. Used in conjunction with external analog circuits or with a TV decoder, this solution lends itself particularly well to low-cost consumer applications. 

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